Riding with vision -

Diana Krischke



If you want to understand something, you need to work on yourself, not on others...

The basis of all doing is understanding - and in order to to do understand you need to know, what you are aiming at and where you want to go! You get information everywhere: from books, from the internet, from lessons, from discussions, and from many other sources! But if you can connect all of them in one course, you can save lots of time! In my seminars, you get the best summary of the topic, lots of background information, we can discuss different angles of view and of course     we´ll have lots of fun! This is much more input than taking a book on your own and start brooding about it. From every single discussion, I learn something new - and   I´d love to give that experience also to others. 

Different foci around the horse, looking at questions like: Are there „good“ and „bad“ styles of riding?  What is healthy riding? How can I set the right conditions for sustainable learning? How do you explain different aids for the same exercise? Why are different methods leading to the same goal? Or why not?

Ask questions!

In cooperation with the best specialists (hoof practitioners, feeding specialists, veterinarians, historians, ostheopaths and many more), we can connect the knowledge from the old riding masters to nowadays´ science. From these insights, we can prepare a good perspective for everybody, who wants to think about what (s)he´s  doing.

„We always did it like this - we won´t change that now!“ is the most ugly sentence - because most of the „traditional“ thinking is not interpreted right in our days. For me, the principle is more about: "He who doesn't know the past, can't understand the present and won't change the future."

Keep on learning - for the sake of your horse!