Riding with vision -

Diana Krischke


Welcome to my Homepage!

I am glad, you are visiting my website.

I would like to inform you about my offer for you as a riding instructor and leader of seminars and clinics.

To look at the different facets of horses, to look at the whole horse is my passion.
To communicate knowledge for each individual person and horse is my concern...

I'm an "ecuyer of the Fuerstliche Hofreitschule in Bueckeburg" (Germany‘s oldest and only existing courtly riding school). And also, I'm a research assistant at the University of Kassel in the department of animal husbandry. These two jobs allow me to connect both practical skills with the latest insights of science.

Every single day I learn something new, just like your horse should. In nature, no day passes without learning something. I'm convinced, that many ways lead to success - that is why each individual pair of horse and rider has its way of learning and shows me a new way of teaching - it's not about holding on to a certain system.

Everybody has different aims and different visions of leisure time activity, everybody sees the horse differently. There are „craftsmen“ and „artists“ - one wants to do something physically with his hands and body, experimenting in different ways. The other one wants to collect all the knowledge possible before even starting to do anything. And yet another one just needs to feel and simply do it. However, for me as an instructor, FUN ist the most important part of the relationship between humans and horses.

Riding with vision - which vision, which goal however - is FUN! Reaching little milestones in every lesson is a big reward for you and your horse, because the horse is happy when the rider is happy!

What do you want to achieve with your riding skills? Is your goal a collected piaffe or a balanced western horse, the convalescence of your senior horse or applied riding art? I'd love to help you to reach your goals and to realize your dreams. We examine all possibilities that you and your horse have to build up a round and well suited concept of educating both of you!

I am really looking forward to meeting you!